How do I distribute my goods/services?

Agree on the structure of your distributions with Customer Support

This depends on if you are distributing at an agreed date and time, or if you’re distributing vouchers that charities can redeem any time. 

We agree on your distribution details in your onboarding, where we will create a  distribution statement specific to your business:

For distributions at an agreed time:

Your Business will distribute agreed quantity of goods/service to your charity partner on a monthly basis.

The best pick up times are day between times.

One unit retails for value

For voucher distributions:

Your Business will give agreed quantity of goods/service to your charity partner on a monthly basis. The recipient will redeem/book an appointment as a regular customer.

One voucher retails for value


Most businesses distribute monthly, however where appropriate we book in distributions to recur every second or third month.

After your statement is agreed GoGenerosity speaks with your charity partner to confirm these details. 

We then confirm these details, book it into our system (you can see this in your admin dashboard). 

You receive email notifications two days prior to your distribution. 

You also receive distribution confirmations to let us know that everything went as planned or if you have anything to update.