When do I get my first business partner

This can be immediate or can take many months.

You may be partnered with a business before you’ve even signed up, or it could take up to months to align a suitable partner. Matching partners relies on supply and demand of businesses and charities on the GoGenerosity platform. We also take care to ensure charities are aligned with businesses whose products/services are beneficial to their mission, and do not become a burden. 

Likewise, we align businesses with charities who are close to their hearts to ensure their passion for supporting locals in need is sustained. Also, businesses pay to be on the platform so this can mean a longer time for them to sign up and align with a charity.

This can mean you may sign up to the platform and not be partnered with a business for several months, but fear not - we haven’t forgotten you. We have systems in place to work towards matching every charity. 

If you have businesses supporting you already please let us know, as through GoGenerosity they can increase their level of support.