What is a corporate donation?

Corporate donations are pay-it-forwards you receive from our generous corporate partners and supplement your consumer pay-it-forwards.


We have several partners who love our platform but don’t have products and services they can easily distribute, so they donate money to us. We give all that money to our business partners as additional pay-it-forwards.


These are deposited into your bank account provided at sign up and you will receive a remittance email from our accounts team to notify you of this. There is no action required when you receive them. Although this money must go to your charity partner, our team take this into account when requesting gift cards from you.


Corporate donations are currently for our NZ customers only and we cannot guarantee every partner will receive a corporate donation every time these are distributed. Corporate donations are distributed on an ad hoc basis as they are available and GoGenerosity aims to distribute these to the areas of most need. These donations are typically $50 - $100 and are distributed on a monthly basis.