My tablet isn’t updating

Troubleshooting tips for when your tablet isn't accurate

Try our troubleshooting tips. If you're still having trouble please email with a photo of your tablet and a detailed description of the issue you're encountering. 
  1. Check your wifi connection 
  2. Try turning it off and on again - you’ll be surprised how often this helps.
  3. Check your tablet’s refresh settings:
  • Open fully kiosk browser
  • Open navigation bar by swiping from the left hand side of the screen
  • Select Goto Start URL. If this doesn’t update, then its likely that GoGenerosity hasn’t captured the data update you’re looking for. If this is the case please get in touch so we can update asap. If this does update then your issue is in your reload settings…
  • From the navigation bar go to settings > web auto reload > auto reload on idle > 3600. 
  • From web auto reload > auto reload after page error > 30
  • These setting will ensure your tablet updates regularly to show accurate statistics