How to set up a GoGenerosity Product in Xero

  • In the ”Business” drop down menu, select the option “Products and services”
  • Click ”New item” and enter the item’s “Code” (GoGen) and “Name” (GoGenerosity)
  • Unselect the ”Purchase” checkbox, as this is a Sale not a purchase item.
  • To use the item in sales transactions, select the ”Sell” checkbox, and complete each of the fields you want to set a default value for. For these fields, under the dropdown menu bar “Sales account”, select the “823 – GoGenerosity” account we set up earlier in your Chart of Accounts.
  • Under the “Description” box, enter in GoGenerosity Pay-it-forward Donations and add in the website for your customers to access if they want more information on GoGenerosity.
  • Click “Save”.