How to add GoGenerosity to your Invoices

  • In the ”Business” drop down menu, select the option “Quotes” and click  on your draft quote to continue
  • Then, click the “Options” drop down button and select “Copy to”, this will then pop a menu up, in which you then select to copy the quote to “Invoice” and click “Save Draft” to continue
  • Under the ”Business” drop down menu, click “Invoices” and the previously saved draft will be there for you to edit
  • Enter in details such as the due date of the invoice, and click the “Approve” button
  • If you do not want to create a quote and just want to create an invoice:

Enter in all the customer and service details, and similar to creating a quote, follow the same process as Step Three: creating a quote, and click “Approve” to send invoice to the customer.