How does the model work?

An overview of the model, our key partners and your role.

GoGenerosity connects everyday people, local businesses, local corporates local charities and people in need through one network. 

  • Customers at local businesses are given the opportunity to pay forward a few dollars. Corporate partners on the platform also pay it forward to local businesses.
  • Local businesses pool all of their money paid forward to create their regular goods and services for their chosen charity partner
  • Charity partners collect or redeem the goods and services when prepared by the business
  • Locals in need receive luxury goods and services via their connection to their charity partner
  • GoGenerosity collects stories from charities and recipients to understand how the goods or services have made an impact. These stories are delivered back to the business, their customers and the corporates involved.  
  • GoGenerosity maintains the relationship with all parties to alleviate the administrative burden.

You can see all our partners on our marketplaces: business marketplace, charity marketplace, corporate marketplace.

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